2017-07-05 18:43:01 Posted by: Orsolya Haarberg

In the last four years, we have been engaged with travelling in, and photographing the Swedish Laponia World Heritage Site. The whole journey started with a National Geographic magazine assignment back in 2013 which allowed us to explore Laponia’s varied ecosystems in all of the seasons. After eight weeks in this Nordic wilderness, we were hooked. Laponia is one of the last few areas in Scandinavia, where we could leave all the stresses and worries of our modern life behind, as in most places there is no mobile or internet connection. Surrounded by the wild scenes and sounds of nature we could find peace and quiet. This feeling kept us returning, year after year.


Having met John E. Utsi, a Sami writer who grew up in the vicinity of Laponia, we eventually made up our mind to share our images in a book, accompanied by John’s texts that give an insight into the Sami’s appreciation of this land. Together with John, we publish our Laponia book in four different languages, in September 2017. The last few months passed by quickly, busy with the translations and the design. We love the result, the layout gives space and the best appearance to the images in the book. Printing starts soon...

Today, we can finally offer the book "Laponia—Majestic Stillness" for pre-order here.


Please take a look and if you have already fallen in love with this place during your travels in the past or would just like to experience the serene scenes of Laponia through our images, we would be delighted if you ordered the book. Until 30th August we are offering it at a discounted price, and with free collection at nine different nature photo events in Europe throughout the autumn season.

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2017-07-04 21:21:19 Posted by: Orsolya Haarberg

Our article about the Swedish Padjelanta National Park has just been published in the Natur&Foto magazine, where you can read about our experiences with reindeer calf marking and my incredible encounter with a wolverine last summer!

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2017-04-23 18:55:10

With the increasing human population and continued economical growth, we can see a number of conflicts arising around the protection of nature and remaining natural resources. Unfortunately, the Swedish Laponia World Heritage Site is not an exception. An iron ore mine is planned in the vicinity of Laponia, threatening reindeer herding in the region, practised by the Sami for millennia. According to Mats Djurberg, general secretary of the Swedish National Commission for UNESCO, the world heritage status may be withdrawn, should mining be permitted!

Sveriges Natur has just published an article about this issue, illustrated with our images.

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Since 2005, we have traveled together as a team, constantly being on the move to explore and photograph landscapes and wildlife, with special interest in the Nordic countries. Our projects capture different parts of the "Cap of the North", in a never-ending search for surprising scenes and the magic light that is so characteristic of this region. It is the desire to get back to our roots — to live with nature that inspires us to create the images that we do.

We are members of The Photo Society, a group of contributing photographers for National Geographic Magazine.

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